Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Dragonby Broadband Roll-Out

Andrew has provided an update on broadband rollout in Dragonby.

Andrew explains, "It was great to join local Councillors, Elaine Marper, Ralph Ogg, Janet Lee and Carol Ross, in Dragonby for the roll-out of full fibre to the premise by Quickline. 

"The roll-out of full fibre to the premise broadband can be disruptive due to the works needed to roads and pavements to literally bring the fibre connection to every premise, but it is something that is very much needed for the future. 

"Previously we enjoyed much slower speeds in general as the fibre was only brought to the green cabinets, with the existing copper wires from the green street cabinets to homes being utilised. This limited speeds for most people. 

"With BT Openreach choosing not to do much of our area due to the rural or geographical challenges, we have been reliant on other providers such as Quickline and KCom to bring us up to gigabit full fibre. 

"The works are disruptive but necessary to ensure we don't fall behind bigger communities in terms of digital connectivity. For rural businesses and those who increasingly work from home, full fibre is vital and important for the local economy."

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