Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Crowle Wind Farm

Andrew joined local Councillors, John Briggs, North Lincs Councillor for North Axholme, and East Riding Councillor, Caroline Fox, at a wind farm consultation event in Crowle last Saturday. They were also joined by Crowle Town Councillor, Julie Reed. 

Wind farm developer, REG Ltd, are proposing to construct a 7 turbine wind farm next to the Tween Bridge wind farm. Residents in Crowle are concerned about the impact the turbines will have and although located in North Lincolnshire, the wind farm will also be seen from East Riding communities such as Goole and the Marshland villages.

Andrew says, "I have already received calls from concerned residents in Crowle ahead of any planning application being submitted. It seems that no matter where you look in our area, all you can see is wind farms. This latest proposal for 7 x 450ft wind turbines comes just after the 34 turbine Keadby wind farm, approved by the last Labour Government, was completed. 

“Local people are not unreasonable and we have always said that we will take our fair share of wind farms. However, this is getting ridiculous and we are becoming a dumping ground for wind farms. Like the Rawcliffe Bridge wind farm proposal, this is still only a proposal and no planning application has been submitted. As soon as any application is lodged I will let residents know and fight it hard."

Cllr Caroline Fox who represents the Marshlands, added, "The Government has rightly cut the subsidy for on-shore wind farms, with the aim of encouraging them to be developed off-shore. This does not seem to have discouraged wind farm applications in our area sadly. Cllr John Barrett and I are very concerned about the massive impact of these wind farms and we will do all we can to stand up for residents."  

Cllr John Briggs who represents North Axholme commented: "As far as I am concerned North Axholme and the Isle has already done more than enough. Our landscape is already saturated with them. We have played our part.

"The planning committee will decide, and should an application come in I will call it in to be discussed.

"I am a resident of the Isle as well, and from that point-of- view I think we have already got so many here, we are being treated as a soft touch. Obviously it is important to find solutions for energy in the future, but this talk of power for 9,000 homes is wrong. It will not go to local homes, but be distributed nationwide through the national grid.

"There are parts of the country that don't have any wind farms. While I am supportive of renewable energy, there should be a fair contribution from elsewhere in the country."

Photo: Andrew with Cllrs John Briggs, Julie Reed and Caroline Fox. 


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