Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Community Forests Update and Funding for Local Tree Planting

Residents may remember Andrew previously mentioning the Government’s Northern Forest plan, which will see over 50 million trees planted between the Humber and the Mersey, including parts of both North Lincolnshire and the East Riding.

Andrew reports, "I pleased that, thanks to the recently announced £44.2 million Government funding, communities across England will see millions more trees planted, including across our area via the Humber Forest and partner Northern Forest. 

"The aim of this investment is to create larger, well-designed and more diverse woodlands which will be more resilient to climate change, natural hazards such as wildfires and storms, along with helping “to reduce flood risk in vulnerable areas, provide sustainable UK grown timber and provide more places for nature and biodiversity to thrive”.

"I understand that around 2,300 hectares of trees – equivalent to around 3,220 football pitches – will be planted as part of this year’s £44.2 million funding allocation, which will see 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide absorbed by 2050, valued at nearly £100 million."

For those who’d like to get involved in tree planting themselves, please see the following links to available funding and grants:

- To see what grants are available (for farmers, landowners, public bodies, local authorities and environmental groups) please visit:
- The 2022 East Riding of Yorkshire Community Tree Planting Fund is now open for applications. You can apply here:
- The next tree-planting season in North Lincolnshire starts in the autumn. You can find out more about how to get involved here:
- In addition, for schools and communities, the Woodland Trust are currently taking applications for trees to be delivered in November. You can find out more here:

Photo - A previous meeting with the Woodland Trust to plant trees locally.

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