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Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Canal Breach - Aerial Views

Andrew has provided a further update on the canal breach below. 

Andrew reports:

Some interesting aerial views sent to me via Mark from the Goole Aerial Views Facebook page who was down at the site with a drone earlier. 
What you can't see from this is the depth of the breach or the whirlpool which is apparently below the surface suggesting a quite significant breach which they tell me is actually some way up from where the bank collapse is and where the water is coming out. What you can't see is what is happening under the water at some depth. 
I have seen people on other pages holding forth with their reasons for the breach, some with strong political views trying to play a bit of politics. The reality is we do not yet know, but there is an old culvert under here which was apparently abandoned some decades ago which may be part of it. Rather than speculating though, it is better if we all wait to establish the facts. 
In my time in Parliament I have consistently argued for better care for our rivers and waterways and for improvements in defences. Whilst flood defence spending is now at a record high, the record of governments of all colours over the decades has been to ramp up spending after a major event and then for it to fall away. I've consistently argued the case for more investment in defences and maintenance because we are one of the most flood prone areas of the country. We have had a lot of flood defence works locally but the changing climate is straining the defence standards we have.
I have also seen and had reports about the banking coming away in other parts. Some people are calling these 'breaches' which naturally will cause some alarm.  I have reported these faults on the banks to the Canal and Rivers Trust over recent days. 
They tell me that this is to be expected when the water level has fallen as the pressure from the water obviously keeps the banks in place. This will need to be attended to in the future as part of the permanent repairs but they tell me that their engineers have assessed these and whilst they are unsightly, they are not a concern at this stage and are not breaches.
Again, all I can do is pass on the concerns and pass on the responses. I understand people want to share these concerns but we all need to be careful to not report as fact something we may not actually be sure of. 
Thanks to Mark for sharing these images.

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