Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew’s Expenses Available On-Line



My expenses for my first few months are now available on-line for you to view. The link is here and if you have any questions on them please contact me. I am accountable to you for my expenses and as a result I try to keep them as low as possible.


The biggest claims this year have been to set up my Constituency and Westminster offices. In terms of the office in Goole, unlike my predecessor, I have rented a shop on one of the main shopping streets that is open to the public. It has also been kitted out using almost entirely local suppliers. The sign, furniture, blinds and much of the stationery purchased have all come from suppliers in our local area. All of my constituency staff are local and live in East Yorkshire or North Lincolnshire.


I also work from a second office in North Lincs, that is provided at no cost to the taxpayer.


There are also many things I could claim on expenses that I choose not to. These are –


  • A mobile phone
  • Food (my predecessor claimed thousands of pounds in food)
  • Travel within Brigg and Goole
  • Website
  • Promotion
  • Home internet
  • TV or TV licence for flat in London


To save money, I also:


  • Don’t travel 1st class at taxpayer’s expense.
  • I try to, where possible, use cheaper connecting trains through Doncaster or York to save money. This increases my journey time but saves considerable sums of money.
  • I furnished much of my constituency office with 2nd hand furniture
  • I try to pool and share resources with other MPs
  • I share a flat in London with 2 other MPs, saving about £6k per year on the maximum I could claim.


Photo: Our shop in Goole

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