Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Wants Developers to do More



Local MP Andrew Percy has sponsored a bill in Parliament that would change the law to make housing developers pay a bond to ensure that roads and drains on new developments were brought up to a proper standard after construction.

The bill would force developers to pay a bond – a sum of money depending on the number of houses built. If they fail to do the work the council would do it on their behalf and claim it back from the bond. Once the land is adopted by the council the remaining money would be paid back to the developer.

Andrew Percy MP says, “There are a number of developments in our area that have experienced problems of this kind. It can often take years for roads and open spaces on new developments to be formally ‘adopted’ by the council. Until then, they remain the responsibility of the developers who are often slow to respond to complaints from local residents.


When this happens, all any of us can do is chase the developers to get it done, which is a clearly an unsatisfactory situation. In fact, this is exactly the situation I have a number of examples of this in our area where adoption seems to be taking forever. If a developer goes bust the situation can be even worse and the works will never get done.


This bill would give local Councils far more power by requiring developers to submit a bond before they begin construction that the council could then access if the developer fails to do the work.


The advantages are that the areas are maintained properly and the developer will move more quickly to get the area adopted so it can get the money back.”


The House of Commons agreed to allow this bill to proceed to the next stage of the legislative process, scheduled for next year.

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