Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Samples New Free School Meals

Andrew joined pupils and Headteacher, Mr Sibley, for lunch recently at Boothferry Primary School, to mark the start of the free school meals for all infant-age pupils recently introduced by the Coalition Government. As part of the new initiative, the government provided additional money to improve the kitchen facilities at local schools In the case of Boothferry Primary, this included new ovens and a dishwasher; something the school previously did not have.

Andrew says, "This was really an opportunity for me to sample the meals and also to say a big thank you to the kitchen staff at the school for all their efforts in making this new initiative work.

Obviously, with all infant-age pupils now entitled to free school meals, school canteens are having to cater for more pupils and produce more meals. The canteen staff at Boothferry Primary have adapted really well and worked hard to cater for pupils and I thank them for making this work. 

I enjoyed mince, Yorkshire puddings and carrot and turnips. The food was really well prepared, and I'm told the new ovens, which inject moisture into the cooking process, have really helped improve the meals. Certainly, the one I had was very tasty and pupils seem to enjoy them too. 

We introduced these free meals for all pupils to help boost nutrition and healthy eating, and it also helps parents with the cost of living. Kids who eat healthy nutritious lunches have better concentration and get more out of the school day." 

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