Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Pushes Grandparents and Grandchildren's Rights Bill



Local MP Andrew Percy last week introduced a Ten-Minute Rule Bill which would give grandparents more rights to see their grandchildren.

The bill was inspired by Dorothy Fagge of Saxby who spent a considerable sum of money trying to gain access to her grandchildren after she lost touch with them through bereavement and divorce. The proposals call for more rights for grandchildren and grandparents which would make it easier to gain access and in doing so would reduce the cost that it takes to gain that access.


Andrew Percy MP says, “I brought this bill forward because I was inspired by Dorothy Fagge who had to spend a great deal of money and time gaining access to her grandchildren.


There are around 1.3 million families where grandparents are the primary source of care in England. But legally grandparents can struggle to gain access, particularly in the case of bereavement or divorce.


Currently grandparents have to go to court twice, first having to argue that their case should be heard. I believe grandparents should have a special position in law over and above other members of the extended family.


I would also like the Government to look over to Australia where they have a system of mediation for families which are breaking down. This could help to solve problems before the need to take it through the courts arises. 


My grandparents played an important part in my life and I want to give grandchildren and grandparents greater rights of access so that keeping in touch is easier and affordable for a greater number of families than at present.


The bill will have its second reading on the 17th June next year.”

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