Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Meets With Ambulance Trust



Brigg & Goole MP Andrew Percy has met with the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to discuss local response times, call handling and the performance of the local service. Andrew with the Ambulance Trust at their headquarters in Wakefield last week.

Andrew has agreed to help support the recruitment of more First Community Responders in our rural areas to help improve the speed at which life saving help gets to those most in need.

Andrew also discussed how the Ambulance Service works in relation to the Minor Injuries Unit at Goole Hospital.

Andrew Percy MP says, “Just a few months ago I went out on the night shift with one the local crews from Goole. This was a fascinating insight into the life saving work of this vital service and I was keen to follow it up.


In particular, I wanted to look at how response times in our local area were performing. The Trust is under a strict target to get an ambulance to the most serious calls (category A) within 8 minutes, 75% of the time. Across the service, the Trust is presently doing better than this but this is not the same for every postcode area.


More rural areas, such as those around Goole, often perform at a much lower rate and I want to do what I can to help improve the service in those areas. The Ambulance Service is trying to improve this by recruiting Community First Responders. These are trained volunteers from the local area who provide vital care until an ambulance arrives.


I have agreed to work with the Trust to promote this scheme in our more rural location in the hope that we can improve response times and help save lives.


Another issue that we discussed related to how the Ambulance Service works in relation to the Minor Injuries Unit at Goole. Campaigners involved in the Save Our Beds campaign asked me to seek assurances that the Ambulance Service utilises the Minor Injuries as much as possible when appropriate, thus avoiding trips to other hospitals.


Operations Director, Keith Prior, assured me that this was the case but that he would be more than happy to meet with campaigners in Goole to discuss this. I have agreed to host a meeting in the near future here in Goole.”


Photo: Andrew is pictured with Operations Director, Keith Prior, Acting Chief Executive, Simon Worthington & Trust Chairman, Della Cannings.

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