Andrew Percy

Andrew Percy

Former Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew Leads Festive Season Campaign to tackle Bowel Cancer



Local MP Andrew Percy is leading a campaign this Christmas to save the lives of constituents who could be at risk of bowel cancer. The MP, who is an official Parliamentary Voice for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity, is hoping to raise the profile of this disease among constituents and is calling on residents to make themselves aware of the symptoms of this cancer.

Another charity, Lynn's Bowel Cancer Campaign, have also provided Andrew with a Cut-Out-And-Keep Guide for constituents to the symptoms of this common cancer plus a poster showing how easy it is to take the NHS screening test – the test is being sent to people from 60-69 in England yet over half the men throw away this free potential life saver.  Anyone wanting a copy of this can either call Andrew on 01405 767989 or collect one from the office in Pasture Road, Goole.

Andrew Percy MP said, “I am campaigning to save the lives of my constituents this Festive Season as I have discovered that 3,741 will develop bowel cancer in their lifetime in this area and half of them could die at today’s rates.   Yet this common cancer is preventable and curable.  Most of my constituents who develop bowel cancer should live.


This cancer is little talked about yet nearly 40 of my MP colleagues could also develop this common cancer and almost half could die.  That why MPs are leading a campaign to encourage everyone in our constituencies to get to know the key symptoms of bowel cancer, to find out if they are eligible for the NHS screening programme for bowel cancer and to act quickly on key symptoms and screening.


The Dept of Health reports that we are “lagging behind European countries” for diagnosis and survival from bowel cancer.  This is causing thousands of unnecessary deaths with the resulting toll of suffering which affects families, friends and colleagues.


Many thousands of cancers have already been found at an earlier stage by the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening programme.  My message to residents it to me to save more lives in this area by encouraging families to know more about this preventable cancer and to act on symptoms and screening.”

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