Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew and Holly Raise Steel Issues in Parliament

Andrew and Scunthorpe MP Holly Mumby-Croft often work together to raise in Parliament matters which impact our local area. As such, both Andrew and Holly raised steel issues in the House of Commons chamber this week. 

Andrew's question was as follows:

Andrew Percy 

(Brigg and Goole) (Con)

If recent events have shown us one thing, it is the importance of having our own strategic steel industry—something that I know the Secretary of State understands. The announcement of the expansion of the energy-intensive industries compensation scheme is welcomed by the industry, but can the Secretary of State tell us when we will know the details of that?

Kwasi Kwarteng 

We are in constant conversation about this. It was a hard-earned win for the Government, and we are very pleased to be backing steel. My hon. Friend knows of my commitment to the industry. We have won some battles, and I look forward to engaging with him on this in the future.

Holly raised the following with the Prime Minister:

Holly Mumby-Croft 

(Scunthorpe) (Con)

I thank the Prime Minister for his update on the energy security strategy, in particular the support offered for steel. It is the latest in a long line of support that he has brought forward, and it also sets out plans for wind, solar and nuclear. Does he agree that the best possible place to make the steel needed for those projects is right here in the UK?

The Prime Minister 

Yes, my hon. Friend is completely right. That is why our energy security strategy is vital not just for consumers, but for British industry.

You can watch the video clips on Andrew's Facebook page here:

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