Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Percy MP

Member of Parliament for Brigg & Goole and the Isle of Axholme

Andrew has been able to help secure significant funding for a number of local charities and good causes. This has been possible due to the bid writing service he established and offers through Community Support Manager, Julie Reed. Julie and Andrew are continuing to work on a number of bids for local causes and we will share updates on these bids below.

Some of the projects have included:

* Community Cinema Group in Crowle - £3k of funding to support the Cinema Group’s start-up costs.

* Crowle Peatland Railway - a number of funding projects have been secured, including £11,392 to purchase a Lisbon tram. 

* Outcasts Cricket Club - £17,582 has been secured via the SSE Windfarm

* Crowle Men’s Football Club - secured £3000 also via SSE Windfarm

* Crowle Boxing Club - £13,500 via the SSE Windfarm fund to purchase a minibus for the club, with the club raising £1500 to contribute to the £15k cost.

*  Axholme Academy Lurchers - £1300 of funding secured for the Axholme Academy Lurchers F24 group.

* Keadby with Althorpe Working Men’s Club - over £15,000 of funding from SSE’s Keadby Windfarm Community Fund.