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Please note that Andrew Percy is not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election.

Andrew Percy MP

4R Planning Appeal

This company doesn't seem to have got the message that we don't want them in our area and have decided to lodge an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol. This follows the decision of the East Riding Planning Committee to reject the application. As the planning authority for the area, the East Riding of  Yorkshire Council have written to objectors to inform them of the appeal and I have posted the letter below. As you will see, any representations made at the planning applicatio...

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Airmyn Play Park Opening

Andrew joined pupils from Airmyn Park Primary and local Councillors, Caroline Fox and Liz Sargeantson, on Friday to officially open the new play equipment in Airmyn. Following the visit, Andrew said, "The Parish Council team have done a great job in raising money for the project, with a special shout out going to Andy who has done so much to lead the project forward. Thanks to funding from one of the local wind farm funds too, we now have fab new play equipment. "The opening was a great decomp...

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Goole Regeneration To Get Millions

Great news this morning with the announcement that Goole's regeneration is in line for up to £25 million of funding announced this morning by the Conservative Government. As residents will know from recent posts on here and in local newsletters, for some months I have been supporting and pushing efforts for Goole to be included in Government funding to regenerate and address the issue of town centre decline and also to support the wider economy of the town. Well, this morning the Government h...

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EU Withdrawal Bill Speech

I spoke in the House of Commons yesterday against the latest attempt to block Brexit. Sadly, Labour the Lib Dems and smaller parties were able to join with an alliance of other anti-Brexit MPs to once again pass a law blocking our exit from the EU. Most galling to me is that those who are most vociferous in demanding we block a no deal exit are the ones who themselves have voted against our leaving on a deal on three occasions. They simply are not being honest. Yet again all our local Labour M...

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Humber Strategy Public Survey

The Environment Agency (EA) is holding a public survey for residents who live around the Humber and its tidal rivers. This survey will help with the development of the EA’s new 100 year strategy, and to understand local views and priorities. Andrew adds, "As I have mentioned previously following update meetings with the Environment Agency in Parliament, the EA are working in partnership with 12 local authorities around the Humber, along with the Humber Local Enterprise partnership to come up...

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Another Chance to Pick up Free Compost in the East Riding

East Riding Council (ERYC) is holding a second free compost giveaway for residents. Andrew says, "During September, ERYC will be handing out another 5,000 bags of compost. This is usually an annual giveaway; however, this is the first time that residents will have a second opportunity to pick up some free compost.   "There will be 8 events held across the East Riding. Goole’s giveaway will take place on Wednesday 18 September at 4pm – Goole, West Park, DN14 6UU. Like last time, residents...

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Aire & Calder Navigation Towpath Trail Update

As residents may be aware, the existing grass towpath between Pasture Clough Pumping Station, East of Rawcliffe Bridge and Goole Marina is to be upgraded to a 2m wide granular surfaced facility.  Andrew reports, "These works started earlier this month and are expected to take 7 weeks to complete. Please note that there is a temporary diversion in place for users whilst the works are taking place.  "This project has been developed by the council, the Canal and River Trust and the Environment ...

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Prorogation of Parliament

I thought residents might like a bit of an update on this issue as it is attracting quite a bit of noise. First of all, what does prorogation of Parliament mean? It is what generally happens before Parliament is dissolved ahead of a general election and also ahead of a new parliamentary session. Parliament is prorogued (i.e doesn't sit) before it is either dissolved for an election or before the Queen comes and conducts the State Opening of Parliament. Whilst we elect Parliaments for a maximum...

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