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Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Steel Update - 11/11/2019

Andrew met with Secretary of State for Business, Andrea Leadsom earlier today to discuss British Steel. Andrew explains, "Have just returned from a meeting at the steelworks with the Secretary of State for Business, Andrea Leadsom, to celebrate news that a buyer, Jingye Steel, has been found for British Steel. I met their Chairman on site recently and it was clear they were very keen to purchase the company and saw huge potential for the site. "This is great news and has been welcomed by the ...

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Lest We Forget

I will be laying a wreath this morning in Goole for Remembrance Sunday. I will especiallybe thinking about my Great Granddad, Albert, who is pictured on this post. The last of his children, my Auntie Joan, died recently and it is sad to think that we have lost that living link to my ancestors who fought in World War One. Albert is descended from the Brays and Bones families of Broughton. If memory serves there are Brays on the war memorial in Broughton and I have always wondered if they are rel...

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Parliament Week - Snaith School

Andrew visited Snaith Primary today to celebrate Parliament Week. Andrew reports "As residents will know I always try to support Parliament Week (an annual celebration of our democracy) by speaking in local schools about the work of an MP. This also normally includes taking questions from pupils. "Even though Parliament has dissolved I wanted to support Parliament Week as usual which is why I visited Snaith Primary this morning to speak to their Key Stage 2 assembly about the work of MPs and w...

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British Steel Update - November 2019

Andrew has provided the following update on British Steel: Andrew said, "I was at the steel works last Friday with other local leaders for a meeting with one of the potential new owners of British Steel. As residents will remember there is considerable interest in purchasing the site, but so far the two most advanced bids are from a Turkish company and from Jingye Group. We met with Jingye last week to talk through their plans and vision for the site. Jingye are a major steel producer and, like...

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Meeting with Haxey Parish Council to Discuss Haxey Hood

Andrew joined Isle Councillors Ron Alcock and David Rose, along with North Lincs Council Leader Rob Waltham, to meet with Haxey Parish Council to discuss the Haxey Hood.  Andrew says, "Great to be down on the south of the Isle this weekend to meet with Haxey Parish Council and Councillors, Ron Alcock and David Rose, to celebrate the purchasing by North Lincs Council of a field traditionally used for the Haxey Hood. For those who aren't local, the Hood is England's oldest traditional tussle....

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Snaith Further Housing Proposals

If you live in Snaith you will have, or will shortly be receiving a letter from Andrew with details of a further planning application for 500+ homes in the town. Andrew explains, "This is in addition to the recent application for 300. The details of the application are below and it is vital that people make their views known." This is the letter text winging it's way to local residents - Further Proposal for 500 Homes on Land South of Punton Walk East of Pontefract Road, Snaith I recently wr...

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Goole Town Regeneration Funding Starts

Andrew has provided a further update on the Town Deal funding for Goole and Scunthorpe.  Andrew explains, "Residents will remember a few weeks ago I reported that I had successfully lobbied for Goole to receive up to £25 million from the Government as part of a nationwide Town Deal programme.  The Town Deal will be led by the Council who will be required by the Government to work with local residents, interested parties and myself to develop a plan for Goole and how this money will be spent...

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Andrew Provides Parliament Update

Andrew has uploaded a video update on his Facebook page, in which he explains what's happening in Parliament this week. You can watch the video online here:

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