Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Axholme North Leisure Centre Update

The new Axholme North Leisure centre continues to go from strength to strength. The fitness programme is expanding further, it now includes: Iyengar yoga, 50+ fitness, stability ball, abs blast, HIIT strength, Kettlebell, and Circuits. Additionally, an exercise referral programme is being developed across the Isle to enable and encourage people to become active to help with a variety of conditions. This programme is ground-breaking in our area, with the GP practice supporting patients to manag...

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Brexit Compromise - "So long as you agree with me"

Andrew has provided a further update on Brexit on his Facebook page. You can read his update below, or directly on his page here:   I apologise for this thread becoming so Brexit orientated but it is the issue people most contact me on and I think residents need to know clearly how I voted.  I am frankly sick to the back teeth of hearing MPs demand other MPs compromise but then spend t...

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Goole Rail Village

Andrew recently met with senior executives from Siemens in Parliament for an update on the Goole Rail Factory and to also discuss exciting plans Siemens are considering for Goole in addition to the rail factory.  Siemens have been in discussions with the Government about the possibility of creating a new rail testing track in Goole as part of a new Rail Village that would not only test trains but also lead on the digitisation of the rail industry. This would be the first testing track in the U...

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That Friday Feeling

As residents will know from my Facebook posts, it is rare for the Commons to be voting or sitting on Fridays, which is why most MPs spend Fridays as a 'constituency day' undertaking various meetings and visits in their local areas. Today though we are voting on the Brexit deal again. This is a little bit unfortunate for me as I was due to be best man at one of my oldest friends from school who is getting married in the Goole area this afternoon! I've had to pull out of that because of these vot...

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Breast Cancer Now: Mother’s Day Campaign

Breast Cancer Now are running a campaign ahead of Mother’s Day to raise awareness of breast cancer detection, treatment, and research development. Andrew explains, "Sadly, every year approximately 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Through their vital research, Breast Cancer Now have informed me that they have made some significant discoveries on the early detection of breast cancer, personalised treatments, and immunotherapy. "You can help continue this life-saving research by t...

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Environment Agency Consultation on 4R Planning Application

As Andrew mentioned recently regarding the 4R planning application, the potential operators have now applied for an Environmental Permit from the Environment Agency. As such, the Environment Agency is running a public consultation on the application between March 22nd and May 8th. Andrew says, "I have submitted my objection to the application, which you can see attached. Likewise, Cllr Caroline Fox has submitted her objection too." There are 3 ways that residents can submit their objections or...

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Brexit Update Ahead of Indicative Votes

Andrew has provided a follow up video update on Brexit ahead of the possible indicative votes being held in Parliament tomorrow. You can watch Andrew's speech on his Facebook page here: A transcript of the speech is copied below. A few residents have been in touch saying, “Can I put another video up or a post up about what’s happening with Brexit?”. As you can see I’m here in my Par...

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Isle of Axholme Greenway Update

The Isle of Axholme and Hatfield Chase Landscape Partnership have created new information boards and benches for visitors to enjoy along the Isle of Axholme Greenway. The Greenway is a path which connects the Isle with Scunthorpe, and is enjoyed by many runners, walkers, cyclists and others. Moreover, the new Belton Kitchen and Visitor Centre has trails which connect with the Greenway, allowing visitors to the centre access to the beautiful Isle countryside. Andrew reports, "The benches are de...

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