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Please note that Andrew Percy is not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election.

Andrew Percy MP

Broughton EE/BT Phone Mast – Further Update

Andrew has now received a further update on EE/BT Group’s new 4G mast in Broughton. Andrew reports, "I am pleased to report that there is now a projected date to bring this site online. "I have been informed that EE/BT have now activated the site for 3G services and expect to bring 2G and 4G online from the 5th November. All the equipment necessary to do this is now in place at the site, and it is linked to the main network.  "Please be aware that there are always environmental factors (e....

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Andrew Speaks During European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill Questions

Andrew spoke in the House yesterday during an Urgent Question on the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill.  You can read a transcript of Andrew's question and the response by the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union (Stephen Barclay MP) below. You can read the full debate on Hansard here.    Andrew Percy (Bri...

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EE/BT Group Update – Marshlands Mobile Coverage Report

Following Andrew's survey on mobile coverage and broadband for residents of the Marshlands villages, we are happy to report a positive update from EE/BT Group. Andrew explains, "Residents may remember that, earlier this year, I conducted a survey to examine Marshlands residents’ experiences of mobile coverage and broadband and to see if any improvements or otherwise had been seen in the area. My team and I then compiled a report from the data we received from residents, which we forwarded to ...

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Brexit Update - They Aren't Gonna Let Us Leave

So there we have it, thanks to another Remainer stitch-up, aided by the Speaker again, MPs have voted to prevent the PM getting approval for the Brexit deal today. Getting binding approval for the deal today was required by the law Remainers passed stating that unless Parliament voted in support of a deal by the end of today, then the PM is required by law to seek a delay to Brexit. Most annoyingly of all, the people who passed this law requiring a vote to take place today or else there has to ...

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Broughton EE/BT Phone Mast Update

Andrew has recieved an update from EE/BT Group on their coverage improvements in Broughton.  Andrew explains, "As residents well know, I have been battling away to improve the phone coverage in Broughton for years. Thanks to the hundreds of local residents who completed my local phone survey, we secured some important promises of improvements, not least a new EE/BT 4G mast.  "This should have been up and running by now but there have been some delays. I chased this again this week and have b...

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Brexit Update - 17/10/2019

Been a bit of a while since I did my last update on this so I thought, given the news that a new Brexit deal has been agreed, I would post a quick update (probably not that quick but ya get me drift). Had a deal not been done by the end of this week then, thanks to a law forced on the Government (including by our local Labour MPs), the Prime Minister would have been forced this weekend to write to the EU to seek an extension to our exit from the EU at the end of the month. In effect it was a re...

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Holly Mumby-Croft Selected to Stand in Scunthorpe

Andrew has provided the below update on his Facebook page following Holly Mumby-Croft being selected to stand as the Conservative candidate for the Scunthorpe constituency.  Andrew said: As residents know, I try and keep my posts just about this constituency or what I'm up to in Parliament. However, I wanted to post a quick congratulations to my good friend and local Councillor, Holly Mumby-Croft, who has been selected to stand again in the Scunthorpe constituency at the next election. Holly...

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Rawcliffe Primary Schools Visit Parliament

Andrew welcomed pupils from Rawcliffe and Rawcliffe Bridge to Parliament earlier today. Andrew reports, "The school, which included pupils between years 4 – 6, came to Westminster for a tour of Parliament and to visit the Parliamentary Education Centre for a Q&A with me. "The aim of these school visits is to create a link between the area in which pupils live to the day to day work of Parliament. "I really enjoyed speaking to the pupils about my role as a Member of Parliament and on th...

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