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Andrew Percy MP

Consultation on 4R Planning Application, The Old Peat Works, Swinefleet.

Andrew has been informed that the potential operators have now applied for an Environmental Permit from the Environment Agency. Andrew explains, "This is separate to the planning application that will be determined by the East Riding Council but would be required for any operation on the site.  "The Environment Agency have accepted that there is considerable public interest in the application and have therefore extended the consultation period to run from March 22nd to May 8th, longer than th...

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Brexit - "What the flip is going on?"

Residents have been emailing to ask what is happening so here goes. A few weeks ago I posted a clip of me speaking in the House of Commons in which I stated that residents could see there was a stitch up in Parliament taking place to deny the people what they voted for. The intervention yesterday of our Remain-supporting Speaker was a further example of this. The Speaker, who has prided himself on being a modernising Speaker prepared to dispense with precedent regularly, decided to rely on a r...

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Work Begins on Scunthorpe Hospital Maternity Bereavement Suite

Work has began today on the new Maternity Bereavement Suite (MBS) at Scunthorpe Hospital.   Andrew reports, "I understand the project will take approximately 10 weeks to complete. Once complete, the MBS will provide a safe-haven for those families who tragically lose their baby, along with being a place where the family can spend time together too. "You may remember that I visited the maternity unit at Scunthorpe Hospital last year to welcome the £22,500 of funding that I, and my team, help...

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How to Give Safely to Charities

The Gov.UK website has recently posted some important information on how to guarantee that your donations to charity are reaching the intended beneficiaries. Although charity scams are small compared to genuine causes, it is still worth considering these safety precautions when making donations. Below is some advice from the Charity Commission’s safer giving campaign: Key Advice for Safer Giving • check the charity’s name and registration number ...

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Brexit - Further Update

Well, I voted last night to keep no deal on the table, but the House of Commons voted in the end by quite a margin to rule out a no deal Brexit at any point. At every point I voted against ruling out no deal. This is exactly what I have been saying until I was blue in the face for months. The Commons is never going to support a no deal Brexit precisely because lots of Leave voting areas went out and re-elected their anti-Brexit and anti-no deal Labour MPs. That is why I have consistently voted...

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Environment Agency Flood Alert - Tidal River Aire catchment.

Andrew has been informed that a Flood Alert has been issued by the Environment Agency. Andrew reports, "This is, of course, the lowest level of warning, which we get a number of every year. These alerts normally pass without incident; however, I thought it would be best to make residents aware."   Flood Alert in force: Tidal River Aire catchment. Flooding is possible for: The River Aire from Haddlesey Weir to Airmyn. Be prepared. River levels have risen as a result of heavy rainfall. We e...

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Brexit Update Ahead of Vote

Andrew has provided a video update on his Brexit position ahead of the Meaningful Vote. You can watch Andrew's speech on his Facebook page here: A transcript of the speech is copied below. Hi, I haven’t done a video like this before I don’t think, anyway I’m here in my House of Commons office, I just thought I’d update people on what I’m going to be doing today, we’ve got a big ...

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Cancer Research UK - Find the Right Tools to Quit Smoking

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) have asked Andrew to share information regarding their new campaign to help people quit smoking. Andrew reports, "The aim of this initiative is to inform those who are looking to quit smoking of the right tools to help them quit. "I am informed that around half of all smokers in England try to quit without help, which is the least effective method. The goal of the campaign is, therefore, to encourage the use of the right support tools to give up smoking for good." Yo...

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