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Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. This year’s national campaign will also focus on body image - how we think and feel about our bodies and the impact that can have on our mental health. Andrew says, "Mental health problems can affect anyone at any time. Sadly, many of us feel unable to discuss our mental health issues. This week is an opportunity to encourage people to open up about their mental health and wellbeing." A number of events are taking place nationally to raise awareness...

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Haxey and Westwoodside Heritage Display

Andrew visited Haxey on Saturday afternoon to see the Haxey and Westwoodside Heritage display. Following the visit, Andrew said, "Back on the Isle this afternoon for the Haxey and Westwoodside Heritage display. Well done to the Heritage Society for all they are doing to preserve the heritage of this part of the Isle. I've chatted to them about how we might be able to help them digistise some of their photos and documents etc etc. "Also had a really interesting chat about the history of the Isl...

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Epworth Primary IT Suite

Andrew visited Epworth Primary earlier today to welcome the school's new IT suite. Andrew says, "Busy constituency day today but especially enjoyed my visit to open Epworth Primary School's new IT Suite. Very kind of the school to ask me to do the honour and great also to answer a few questions from the School Council. "The pupils previously had only iPads to use but now have a full IT Suite which the school tell me was paid for by the Government's special funding allocation. The kids told me ...

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M.E. Awareness Week 2019

M.E. Awareness Week began on Monday this week and will run until the International Awareness Day for M.E. on Sunday 12th May. Andrew says, "The week-long campaign aims to encourage awareness and understanding of M.E (myalgic encephalomyelitis), with this year’s campaign focusing on the “Real M.E”: the experience of people who suffer from the disease." The NHS website outlines the symptoms of M.E. as including: sleep problems, such as insomnia, muscle or joint pain; headaches; a sore thro...

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Local Schools Have Chance to win £20,000 With Asda’s Plastic Investigators Club

Asda have asked Andrew to spread the word that local schools have a chance to win up to £20,000 via the Plastic Investigators competition. Andrew reports, "Asda are inviting primary school pupils to design a poster that raises awareness of plastic waste and what can be done to help solve it."   The prizes for the competition are as follows:   • 1st prize – A cheque for £20,000 to the school of the winning pupil to promote sustainable living and a £1,000 Asda Gift Card for the winni...

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World Ovarian Cancer Day

Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day. The goal of this campaign is to spread awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms throughout the UK. Andrew says, "A woman dies every 2 hours from the disease in the UK. Early diagnoses are key to improving survival rates; however, 82% of UK women are not able to name the main symptoms of ovarian cancer." The NHS website outlines the following most common symptoms of ovarian cancer: • feeling constantly bloated • a swollen tummy • discomfort in you...

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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

This month is Lyme disease awareness month, with Lyme Disease UK running their annual ‘Wake Up to Lyme’ campaign. Andrew adds, "Lyme disease can be caught all over the UK, including in urban parks and back gardens. Public Health England estimates that around 3,000 new cases of Lyme disease are seen every year. Lyme disease can be extremely hard to diagnose, and tick bites are easy to miss as they are normally painless and very small."   Below is some information on being “tick aware...

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Reflections and a New Generation

Andrew published the below Facebook update following the Local Election results.  "I don't want to dwell too much on the election results on here as I prefer to keep this more about issues, but I did just want to thank people in our area again for giving the local team such backing last week. Having done an analysis of the results, I am so proud of my North Lincs team for winning every single polling district in North Lincs. It was a particular joy for Elaine, Ralph and Helen to come out on to...

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