Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Brigg County Bridge Petition Launched

Your local Conservative team have launched a campaign for improvements and a clean up of County Bridge, Brigg. Andrew has joined Brigg and Wolds Councillors Carl and Nigel Sherwood in calling on residents to support the campaign by signing a petition demanding action.  

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Labour Wind Farm Lies Exposed

Have had some very angry residents on from Burton about a leaflet put out by Labour locally regarding the wind farm application at Flixborough Grange. My word have they got it seriously wrong. You shouldn't take local people as fools, especially when many of them have been heavily involved in the campaign against the wind farm. Their lies, just like the local Labour MP's food bill, are whopping. Here are just some of them from the leaflet.

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Strawberry Teas, Winterton Show and BBQs

Had a really busy weekend out and about in the constituency. Saturday, I was out canvassing (the results just get better) and then I went to a Strawberry Tea in aid of Gunness pre-school. Everyone was really kind and the event was well attended, meaning that the award winning pre-school will hopefully have raised some money.

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MP Uses Taxpayers Money on Self Promotion - Again!

Oh dear, Labour just do not get public anger over expenses, do they. As if it wasn't bad enough that last year the local Labour MP spent nearly £10,000 of taxpayer's money on self-promotion we now have another example of it today.  

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What a Strange World!

They really can't get anything right this Government can they. I saw Brown's big speech on Monday and was absolutely staggered to watch him, after 12 years in power, basically admit that they had got it wrong and basically failed to deliver in a range of policy areas. As a teacher I was aghast at his rubbishing of targets. Hello, isn't this what most of have been saying for years?

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