Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Wind Farm Traffic Update

Prospective MP, Andrew Percy, recently met with representatives of Network Rail and British Waterways to discuss their involvement in helping to find a solution to the Keadby wind farm traffic problem. Andrew handed over 150 letters to Network Rail from local residents asking for their involvement and assistance.  

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Brigg Cancer Ball & Swinefleet Help for Heroes

As usual, it has been fairly crazy of late, so many invites to events and lots of people asking for home visits etc. Thank goodness it's the half term holidays and I'm off school. Today alone, I visited the Epworth Rural Day Centre, made two home visits and printed and arranged the stuffing of a 1000 or so targeted letters to residents on a number of issues.

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Humber Bridge Silliness

Arrived back from conference to see some silliness from my Labour opponent regarding the Tory position on the Humber Bridge. It is funny to watch how quickly people who claim to want an 'all party' solution to the Humber Bridge tolls issue suddenly descend into childish politicking.

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Wind Farm Traffic Meetings

Prospective MP Andrew Percy is to meet with Network Rail and British Waterways this week in a bid to help residents fighting plans to bring thousands of construction vehicles through Ealand Eastoft and Swinefleet. The vehicles are destined for the Keadby Wind Farm and will cause residents months, possible years of inconvenience.  

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An Apology

I have not literally stopped for the past few weeks which explains my dreadful approach to updating my website! We have had so much on though that when I have had a spare moment I have used it to either get on the doorstep or get on the telephone to residents.

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Belton and Snaith Crime Meetings and Swinefleet Gala

I attended two really successful crime meetings last week in Belton and Snaith last week. There were more people present then I expected, especially at the Snaith event. My own survey of Snaith which focused on crime has already received a response rate of well over 20% which by industry standards is apparently extremely high.

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Conservatives Pledge Action On Windfarms

  Prospective MP Andrew Percy welcomed Shadow Local Government Bob Neill to the Brigg and Goole constituency yesterday to meet with residents concerned about local wind farm developments. Bob met with campaigners fighting the proposal for 18 turbines at Saxby Wold and 7 turbines at Flixborough Grange near Burton.

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Straw Polls!

I know straw polls are no indication of opinion really but if we are to believe today's straw poll then its bad for Labour!

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