Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

British Steel Liquidation

Sadly, what we have suspected for the past few weeks has come to pass and British Steel has been placed into compulsory liquidation. This is by no means the end of the matter and I want to assure residents and workers that every effort is being put into finding a new buyer. The Government made several offers of tens of millions of pounds to the current owners Greybull in addition to the £120 million already loaned a couple of weeks ago. That company's role in this issue will need to be looked a...

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British Steel Update - 21 May

We had an urgent question in the Commons today on the ongoing issue with the British Steel. As negotiations were continuing between Government and British Steel, Ministers were understandably unable to say a great deal due to the commercial confidentiality of such discussions. I spoke in the Commons earlier and continue to be involved with Ministers on this issue. The Government is genuinely pulling out all of the stops to resolve this issue. We have already provided £120 million of support to...

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UK Steel Charter Launch

Andrew signed the UK Steel Charter today during the charter's launch in Parliament. Andrew says, "I was delighted to attend the launch of the UK Steel Charter today and to show my support for the steel industry. "Cross-party MPs and industry come together in Parliament today to hear about the UK Steel Charter, which aims to maximise opportunities for the UK’s steel producers and increase the value added to the UK economy from public procurement decisions." You can read the charter online Read More →

Volunteer for Primary Futures

The Primary Futures initiative connects primary schools with inspirational volunteers from a range of career backgrounds. The aim of this program is to help primary age children make the connection between what they learn at school and how that relates to the world of work. Andrew reports, "As part of this programme, volunteers visit primary schools to talk to children about their careers. Schoolchildren will then learn about the variety of exciting careers on offer and how what they are learni...

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Euro Elections Next Thursday

I have little or no interest in the Euro elections taking place next Thursday and it may not have escaped resident's attention that I have not been actively campaigning for them. Parliament should have delivered on the referendum result by now and we should have left the EU in March. It shouldn't come as a shock that lots of people who voted in the EU referendum will use the elections next week to send a message.  For what it's worth, I think people should vote in these elections, whatever the...

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British Steel - Further Update

I am continuing to work with the local Council and other MPs on this matter. As I am sure residents will appreciate, there is a lot going on behind the scenes to try to resolve this which cannot be made public yet. Needless to say I genuinely believe that the Government and British Steel do want to resolve this issue and they are intensive discussions. The challenge is significant.  This morning myself and Nic Dakin met with Greybull Capital, who own British Steel, to get their perspective bef...

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National Numeracy Day 2019

Today is National Numeracy Day, an opportunity to encourage both children and adults to improve their numeracy skills. Andrew adds, "The National Numeracy Day website has some downloadable activities for children and adults who are looking to improve their skills. You can also take the National Numeracy Challenge online:" Find out more on the GOV.U...

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British Steel Update

Residents may have seen the news of further issues with British Steel. We had hoped that the £100 million govt support announced recently would stabilise the issues. One of the many reasons I have consistently voted to deliver Brexit in a stable and sensible way is because British Steel have repeatedly stated they needed certainty to protect jobs. This was the same message from other local businesses. The company have now stated that that uncertainty is behind their current issues. There are ...

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