Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Scrubs for Goole Hospital

Andrew delivered some additional scrubs to Goole Hospital on Friday - these scrubs were once again kindly provided by the wonderful ladies at Marshlands Sewing Brigade. Andrew explains, "It was great to deliver some scrubs to Goole Hospital on Friday. These are the latest scrubs sown by the ladies (still no men) of the Marshlands Sewing Brigade. I am still acting as their delivery boy!  "The Brigade have recently received more funding so will continue sewing as our local hospitals tell us tha...

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Lower Aire Flood Meeting

Andrew has provided an update following the Lower Aire flood meeting he joined with the Environment Agency.   Andrew provided the following update on his Facebook page:   I joined an interesting meeting this evening organised by the Environment Agency with local Parish and Town Councils, East Riding Council and the Internal Drainage Board. This was an opportunity to hear about how the £10 million of Government funded recovery works are progressing and to discuss next steps following...

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PM Visits Siemens Rail Factory Site at Goole 36

Andrew joined Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a visit to the new Siemens rail factory site at Goole 36 this morning. In addition, Andrew was joined by local councillors (from left to right in the photo) Anne Handley, Liz Sargeantson, Caroline Fox, Nick Coultish, David Jeffreys and Barbara Jeffreys.  Following the visit, Andrew said, "Great to welcome the Prime Minister to Goole this morning to visit the new Siemens rail factory site at Goole 36. The Prime Minister met with some of the new app...

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Restoring Your Railway Fund Application - Restoring a South Humber Link

Andrew has joined forces with local MPs, Holly Mumby-Croft and Martin Vickers, to provide support for an application to restore a South Humber Link via the Government’s Restoring Your Railway Fund.  Andrew reports, "The goal of this fund is to reinstate local services and restore closed stations. Our application (restoring a South Humber Link) outlines the benefits of re-opening and increasing the frequency of passenger services between Barton-upon-Humber and Gainsborough via Brigg.   "Th...

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COVID-19 Honours Nomination Form

A nomination form has been launched by the Government for residents to nominate someone who is responding to the Covid-19 outbreak for a national honour. Andrew adds, "We have some amazing individuals and organisations locally who are doing fantastic, vital work in the response to Covid-19. Please do make a nomination for anyone you believe should receive a national honour in recognition of their work during this difficult time." You can nominate someone who is: • providing critical care to...

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Funding for A15, Goole and Scunthorpe and School Funding

Andrew has provided an update on some local good news following the Prime Minister's announcement this morning.    Andrew explained the below on his Facebook page:    The Prime Minister this morning laid out plans to boost the economy post-Covid and there was some good news for our area.   Goole and Scunthorpe are going to have between £500k and £1 million each advanced to them to pay for projects linked to their Town Deals. These will be to fund leisure, park, high street or transp...

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Highways England Maintenance Work Update

Highways England (HE) have informed Andrew of their forthcoming essential maintenance work on the M180/M181/A180/A160.   HE have explained that they will be carrying out a series of schemes over the next 12 months on the above routes to help improve safety and provide smoother and safer journeys. You can read this update below: What are we doing?   •Resurfacing the M181 northbound carriageway •Surfacing the M180 between junctions 3 and 4  •Replacing the roadmarkings and road stu...

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4R Environment Agency Permit

Andrew has provided the below update on the on-going environmental permit for the 4R waste centre at Swinefleet.   Andrew explained on Facebook: I met with the Environment Agency this week - via Zoom of course - to discuss the on-going environmental permit for the 4R waste centre at Swinefleet. The Council recently granted planning permission but this has not been confirmed yet as the Secretary of State is considering taking the application off the Council to determine himself. However, ...

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