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Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Burton Wind Farm Rejected - AGAIN!

I attended the Planning Committee meeting in Brigg today which determined the re-submitted planning application for the Flixborough Grange Wind Farm. Fortunately, despite the best efforts of a few Labour Councillors, the application was rejected. Every Conservative voted against the windfarm. This was the right result and credit must go to all those residents who worked so hard to oppose it. We did however see Labour at their very worst today. One of the Labour Councillors who voted to support...

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A Bustling Bank Holiday

A busy bank holiday weekend for the team and I as we seemed to be all over the constituency. Saturday started by a quick visit to a coffee morning in Bonby in aid of the local church after which I went and caught up with the team in Brigg who were busy delivering. Some of the regulars couldn't do their rounds due to holidays, so after a quick ring round on Friday we ended up with about 15 people out to leaflet.

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River Ancholme Clean Up Begins!!!

Despite the consensus that the River needs clearing, little real action seems to have occurred so we decided to take to the water ourselves and remove the litter and rubbish ourselves. The first effort saw us clear from Millennium Green to about 50 yards beyond County Bridge. That cleared 6 large bags mainly full of discarded beer cans, bottles, take-away cartons and even a red power ranger!

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Labour Get Dirty and Use Taxpayers Money - Yet Again!!

There are sometimes in politics when you really want to ring up your opponents and offer them some free campaign advice. For the second time in a few weeks Labour have delivered a really nasty leaflet to residents in Burton about the Flixborough Grange Windfarm. This is the windfarm that 5 Labour Councillors voted to give planning permission to. All of the Conservatives voted against it but Labour are apparently opposed to the windfarm!! If they are, we welcome their late conversion.

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Wrawby Show and Bonby Bowls

Today was a really busy day. It started in Epworth where we were door knocking to ask people's issues. Lots of people wanted to engage with us and when it came to people's voting intentions, I've rarely seen such a positive response.

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Humber Bridge Toll Rise Rejected?

A decision has finally been made on the proposal to raise the Humber Bridge toll from £2.70 to £2.90. The decision has been taken by the Department of Transport but is subject to an embargo until midnight tonight so apparently we can't say anything until then!

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Troops Welcomed Home to East Yorkshire

Prospective Brigg & Goole MP, Andrew Percy, and Snaith, Airmyn and Rawcliffe Ward Councillor, Caroline Fox, joined thousands of East Riding residents in welcoming the 1st Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment to East Yorkshire last week. The battalion has recently completed tours of duties in Iraq and Kosovo and will shortly begin training for deployment to Afghanistan. The ‘homecoming’ parade took place in Beverley where the troops marched through the town before being inspected by the C...

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NFU Meeting & Scunthorpe Cat Rescue

Had a very busy day today with visits to Gunness, Epworth and East Cowick, followed by an evening cup of tea in Airmyn with my neighbour and local Councillor Caroline Fox. Before all of that though I met with Jonathon Brant, Alex Godfrey and Caroline Ellis from the local National Farmers Union (see photo).

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