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Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Poor Labour

Someone has just pointed me in the direction of Ladbrokes, who have released their odds for every constituency in the general election. The Conservatives are the run away favourites in Brigg and Goole according to their odds and so there isn't much to be made here betting on the Conservatives.

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Unemployment Reaches 14 Year High

If you needed any more proof about the impact of the recession on the Humber region, you only have to look at the jobless figures released yesterday. In North Lincolnshire, the number of people claiming Jobseeker's Allowance is now at the highest level since July 1996. The January figures show that 5,222 people In North Lincs are now claiming the allowance along with 7,477 in the East Riding which also saw a rise. It is what is going on behind those figures which is really worrying.

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Out On Patrol

Just a quick blog post to let you know that I'm going out on patrol with the Police in Snaith this evening, Cllr. Caroline Fox is coming along too. We've already seen some alcohol seized from under-aged drinkers near the railway line.

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Canvassing and Craft Club

Another fantastic weekend on the doorstep where the results were once again very positive. All our polling has shown that the swing to the Conservatives in Brigg and Goole is much bigger than the national swing and we are certainly finding this on the doorstep.

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Labour Seek to Double Council Tax Rise

Andrew Percy has reacted with anger at an attempt by Labour Councillors to double the Council tax rise for residents in the Goole and Snaith area. The East Riding Council met today to set the Council Tax for the next year with Labour Councillors trying to force a higher than inflation rise of 3% on hard pressed taxpayers.  

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River Flood Plans

The Environment Agency consultation into flood plans for the Rivers Ouse, Aire, Trent and Don have officially being launched with the start of a 12 week consultation period.

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Dentists and Ambulances

It's been an NHS few days with news coming through that the campaign we have supported for a new NHS dentist in Snaith has moved a step forward. This has been a long campaign, with many people involved and much of the pressure for a new dentist coming from Snaith Town Council. Needless to say though the Labour MP has issued a quote which basically suggests it's all his doing. I wonder if there will be a photo of him to accompany this quote in the papers this week!

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Andrew Signs Cancer Pledges

Prospective MP and NHS Campaigner, Andrew Percy, has formally pledged his support to two campaigns committed to supporting research into cancer.Andrew has signed up to both Cancer Research UK’s Cancer Commitment and the Breast Cancer Campaign 2010. Both campaigns have been launched in the run up to the general election with the aim of securing a pledge from election candidates that they will support vital research into cancer and do everything they can to improve cancer research and t...

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