Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Welcomes Rail Minister

Andrew Welcomes Rail Minister

Andrew welcomed Rail Minister, Claire Perry MP, to the constituency last week as part of the MP's campaign to ensure that direct services to Manchester are maintained and that the south Humber rail line is considered for electrification. The MP also took the opportunity to lobby the Minister on the Cleethorpes-Brigg-Sheffield line.

Andrew has joined up with local Council Leaders and neighbouring MPs to fight to maintain the direct Cleethorpes to Manchester service. The government is due to issue the new franchise tender for this service shortly and thousands of local residents have supported the campaign to maintain the direct services.

Andrew, who welcomed the Minister to Barnetby station in the constituency, comments, "Locally, we are all committed to maintaining the direct services through to Manchester and we made the point to the Minister that local businesses require this direct route, not least because of the skills shortage we already have in the area and the exciting plans there are to turn the area into the 'Energy Estuary'.

The Minister heard from local leaders and local businesses just how important this route is and how vital it is to future investment. Exciting things are happening locally, unemployment is falling sharply and lots of new investment is on the horizon. Claire seemed very impressed with what she heard and commented just how entrepreneurial our area is and how excited local businesses are for the future.

I was especially keen to push the electrification agenda and we also raised the possibility of direct services to London and the possible expansion of the Brigg line. Similarly, rolling stock also took up a lot of the conversation and we look forward to news on that and the Cleethorpes-Manchester franchise in the next few weeks.

I think what has most impressed Claire is how local people, businesses and MPs of all parties locally have come together to fight for our local rail services."

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