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Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Local MP eats his words

Local MP eats his words

It’s not often that a politician agrees to eat his words. But Andrew did just that after describing former chancellor Ken Clarke's view of Eurosceptics such as himself as “utter tripe.”

Andrew was challenged by the Lancashire-based Tripe Marketing Board to apologise for using the word tripe in such a negative context and to demonstrate his contrition by posing for a photograph eating a plate of tripe.

Andrew gamely agreed to the request by turning up at the Goole branch of Morrisons, which is the only national supermarket chain to stock the product. Tripe Marketing Board chairman Sir Norman Wrassle, said: “Mr Percy’s comments risked setting back our attempts to promote tripe by decades. Last year, we launched an aggressive marketing campaign using cutting edge techniques such as social networking, cold calling and putting stickers on lamp posts and traffic lights late at night. We weren’t about to sit back and let Mr Percy’s comments go unchallenged.”

Andrew, who has apologised to Sir Norman and the TMB for using the word tripe negatively, visited Morrisons in Goole to take the TMB’s Tripe Taste Challenge. He said:

“I swiftly apologised when I realised just how damaging my comparison of Ken Clarke's views on Europe to tripe could be. I am told that the damage to the industry could literally of run into the tens of pounds.

“The Tripe Marketing Board, a shady organisation based in somewhere called 'Lancashire', have challenged me to eat tripe in return for my comments. My Grandma was a lover of tripe so I am delighted to accept this challenge. It also serves a broader social service in that it will expose the Lancastrian leaders of the Tripe Marketing Board to the delights and civilisation of Yorkshire. There is a strong chance they will not wish to go home.”

Sir Norman has accepted Mr Percy’s apology and praised Mr Percy for being such a good sport. “With the help of MPs like Mr Percy, we can put tripe back on the dinner plates of Britain,” Sir Norman said, and he pledged that the TMB would continue to monitor parliament for any traces of tripe.”

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