Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Scrubs for Goole Hospital

Scrubs for Goole Hospital

Andrew delivered some additional scrubs to Goole Hospital on Friday - these scrubs were once again kindly provided by the wonderful ladies at Marshlands Sewing Brigade.

Andrew explains, "It was great to deliver some scrubs to Goole Hospital on Friday. These are the latest scrubs sown by the ladies (still no men) of the Marshlands Sewing Brigade. I am still acting as their delivery boy! 

"The Brigade have recently received more funding so will continue sewing as our local hospitals tell us that they are always happy to have more scrubs in circulation and they love the care and attention put into these scrubs. The bright pink ones were a real hit. Scrubs have also been delivered to local GP surgeries, Scunthorpe Hospital and the Cancer Center at Castle Hill. 

"It was great to be at Goole Hospital where their matron has now roped me into a project to improve their courtyards which I am more than happy to help with. 

"Thanks again the Marshlands Sewing Brigade for all they are doing and to the staff at Goole Hospital for all they do for us."

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