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Lower Aire Flood Meeting

Lower Aire Flood Meeting
Andrew has provided an update following the Lower Aire flood meeting he joined with the Environment Agency.
Andrew provided the following update on his Facebook page:
I joined an interesting meeting this evening organised by the Environment Agency with local Parish and Town Councils, East Riding Council and the Internal Drainage Board. This was an opportunity to hear about how the £10 million of Government funded recovery works are progressing and to discuss next steps following the flooding at Snaith and East Cowick.
This will be divided into short-term and long-term actions. In the short-term, the repair works will need to be made permanent and work is being undertaken to plan for any future similar event. The levels we had in the river were the highest on record apparently so whilst the chance of a repeat is small, it is not impossible. The EA and the Internal Drainage Board are working together on solutions for how any similar incident would be handled. Getting the water away proved a particular issue as the M62 operates as a barrier. The Internal Drainage Board eventually cut new channels and brought in pumping to get the water away into the canal and the Don. I for one am keen to see what needs to be done to make that more permanent and more efficient in case there is a repeat.
The East Riding Council's Section 19 flood inquiry continues, and we heard this evening that an interim report should come at the end of the year. Anyone with any evidence they want to submit to that inquiry can still do so. Please get in touch if you have videos, photos etc which might be of use. This inquiry is really important and getting interim findings in the next few months could be helpful.
In the longer-term, the EA now have a dedicated team looking at what might need doing in the future. The Government awarded £30 million for flood defence works in the broader Goole area earlier this year. I raised this evening as to what could be done to try to expand that funding by tying in whatever works might be needed in Snaith and Cowick to other works on the River Aire already planned with this funding.
Obviously, current restrictions have limited works and engagement on this issue, but residents can rest assured that I will be continuing to do all I can to ensure we are better protected into the future.
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