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Andrew Percy MP

Restoring Your Railway Fund Application - Restoring a South Humber Link

Restoring Your Railway Fund Application - Restoring a South Humber Link

Andrew has joined forces with local MPs, Holly Mumby-Croft and Martin Vickers, to provide support for an application to restore a South Humber Link via the Government’s Restoring Your Railway Fund. 

Andrew reports, "The goal of this fund is to reinstate local services and restore closed stations. Our application (restoring a South Humber Link) outlines the benefits of re-opening and increasing the frequency of passenger services between Barton-upon-Humber and Gainsborough via Brigg.  

"The Government has provided £500 million to the Restoring Your Railway Fund, with funding being split in 3 ways to offer support to projects at different phases of development: the Ideas Fund for proposals to reinstate axed local services, accelerating existing proposals, and proposals for new and restored stations. 

"I understand that our application is one of 50, with the successful bidders being announced at the end of the summer. "

You can find further information and links to the latest announcements here:

Andrew adds, "In addition, work continues on the Goole-Snaith-Leeds line, which could not qualify under this fund as there is technically a regular service on that route. The collapse of the Northern Rail franchise and it being taken over by the Government has meant that the Goole-Leeds route cannot now access the Operator Service Option Fund that we had submitted the Goole-Leeds route to be part of. However, we do have the East Riding and the Councils in West Yorkshire backing the campaign so the work continues.

"As always, I will provide resident with further information on above as soon as I receive it." 

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