Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Funding for A15, Goole and Scunthorpe and School Funding

Andrew has provided an update on some local good news following the Prime Minister's announcement this morning. 


Andrew explained the below on his Facebook page: 


The Prime Minister this morning laid out plans to boost the economy post-Covid and there was some good news for our area.


Goole and Scunthorpe are going to have between £500k and £1 million each advanced to them to pay for projects linked to their Town Deals. These will be to fund leisure, park, high street or transport improvements.


We are still working up the Town Deal Plans for both towns which will unlock up to £25 million of development funding for both towns. This is going to take some months yet and will need to be signed off, so the advancing of this funding now for us to spend this year on projects is really positive.


Separate funding has also been made available for the A15 which will see the road resurfaced from Barnetby Top to the Humber Bridge.


Funding for building improvement works at Hook Primary and the Axholme Academy are also included in the announcement. To be clear this is not the sum total of school building works as other schools are getting funding from other programmes. This is just the two being funded by the additional funding announced.


We also bid into a number of other highway projects for our area which will form part of the £900 million fund announced for local areas. I am awaiting the details on any of these.


All in all good news and we will look forward to working on the details of each of these pots of cash.

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