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Marshlands Sewing Brigade Scrubs

Marshlands Sewing Brigade Scrubs

Earlier today, Andrew delivered some scrubs to Scunthorpe Hospital and Barts Medical Centre in Goole. The scrubs were kindly provided by the Marshlands Sewing Brigade. 

Andrew reports, "Residents may remember my previous post about the fantastic efforts of the Marshlands Sewing Brigade who have been busily sewing scrubs for our local NHS.

"The brigade have put me to use for my good looks and brawn as their delivery driver. This morning they tasked me with delivering 70 Scrubs to Scunny Hospital and also some scrubs to Barts Medical Centre in Goole.

"The hospital were absolutely blown away with the quality and care with which the scrubs have been produced and also the thoughtfulness of the brigade in ensuring that difficult to secure sizes were also provided.

"Special thanks must go to Fran Ward who has acted as chief seamstress and foreperson for the sewers and also to Cllr Liz Sargeantson and Reedness Parish Council who kicked off the fundraising efforts. Local businesses, parish councils, individuals and groups have all kindly donated.

"More Scrubs are already being sown and the hope is that even more local hospitals will benefit from them in the coming weeks. I am so proud of what this group and our area has done and it was a privilege to act as their delivery boy today.

"Well done all!"

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