Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

HS2 Announcement

HS2 Announcement

Andrew has provided the following update after the HS2 announcement yesterday. 

Andrew said, "Yesterday I spoke in Parliament to welcome the decision to proceed with HS2 and also with Northern Powerhouse Rail which will provide a new high-speed service east-west across the North of England, from the Humber to Liverpool. 

"I also raised the need for improved services on under-utilised lines such as the Goole-Snaith-Leeds which can be delivered quickly and should be part of the offer on rail infrastructure as part of the HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail projects.

"Lots of people are cautious about HS2 so let me be clear why I think it is of value to our region. As independent experts pointed out yesterday, a positive decision for HS2 makes the Scunthorpe Steel Works sale more attractive and more likely. HS2 will utilise 170 tonnes of long product rail and switch which we produce locally. My neighbour, Holly Mumby-Croft MP, raised that in her contribution to the PM yesterday who emphasised the need to support Scunthorpe. 

"The decision to build the new Siemens rail factory in Goole was also in part taken because of the chance of work from HS2 which will be needed to sustain the factory in the decade or more ahead as HS2 will provide a steady flow of work in the future. On top of that we have large aggregates companies locally that would also benefit. 

"In addition, as we try to fight for improved and direct services from our region, we also need freed-up capacity on the East Coast Mainline to deliver those. HS2 frees up that capacity. 

"Many say other projects could be funded instead, the reality is that there are simply not any other projects on this scale anywhere near as advanced in planning or approvals, meaning that cancelling the project could have been very bad news for our steel works and the new rail factory. 

"It isn't HS2 or other projects. We can and should do more and that is why alongside the announcement yesterday, the PM outlined more funding for bus routes, an expansion of cycle routes and more improvements to local rail services. 

"On the Leeds-Snaith-Goole line we have a bid in for funding for improvements which we are continuing to push!" 

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