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Flooding and Drainage Update

Flooding and Drainage Update

Andrew has provided the following update on flooding and drainage issues locally.

Andrew explains, "Thanks to all those residents who have raised issues with flooding and drainage across the area. We have had an incredible amount of rainfall and we have seen problems in quite a few communities.. My team and I have been liaising with the Council, Severn Trent, the EA and others to try to get to the bottom of many of these issues. As we have no MPs at the moment, it has been a bit more challenging but we have done what we can and I have been out to see many of the problem areas myself, as have my team.

"As a result, I've been able to get the Council and other agencies to take direct action in a number of places and lots of discussions have been taking part between all of the agencies.

"I've always made flooding and drainage improvements a key priority and have delivered millions of pounds of investment across the area. Some of the areas flooded recently are problem areas we have been trying to get progress on for some time. I spend so much time on drainage and flooding issues they even made my the President of the Northern Branch of the Association of Drainage Authorities! No, its not a paid position!

"For some of the areas affected, such as Keadby and Crowle, bigger investments are needed to solve the long-standing drainage issues. Crowle is due to be funded in this next investment period so we hope to have that solution delivered soon. North Lincs Council recently secured funding to start the investigative works to design a scheme for Keadby. There is of course tens of millions going into the pumping station at Keadby at the moment which is a vital upgrade as that pumping station is essential for keeping the Isle dry.

"Other areas such as the Meadows in Burringham are also long-standing problems, as those who attended my regular flood meetings in the village will attest.We thought the various changes to the pumping station telemetry and agreements on maintenance had sorted some of the problems. The issues this time appear to have been caused by a poorly maintained riparian drain. The Council has issued the necessary notice to get this drain cleared and they have also jetted their own highway drains too.

"In other places problems came about because the drains were simply blocked and my team have raised a number of these with the Council who have been and cleared them, as confirmed by residents. The fact so many leaves are falling at the moment didn't help!

"Following the election, I will be drawing all of the agencies together again, specifically to try to bring some of the much needed improvement schemes to fruition.

"Much of our area is very challenging from a land drainage point of view. We are so low lying and surrounded by tidal rivers and major drains. Indeed, were it not for the Dutch, we wouldn't be able to live in much of the area at all!

"This complexity continues when it comes to who is responsible for what with the Council, Water Authority, EA and Drainage Board, and riparian systems all under different control but all reliant on each other!

"Rest assured, I'll continue to do what I can."


Photo - Andrew visiting a local flood defence scheme earlier this year. 


* Please note that Andrew Percy is not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election.

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