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Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

I will be laying a wreath this morning in Goole for Remembrance Sunday. I will especiallybe thinking about my Great Granddad, Albert, who is pictured on this post. The last of his children, my Auntie Joan, died recently and it is sad to think that we have lost that living link to my ancestors who fought in World War One.

Albert is descended from the Brays and Bones families of Broughton. If memory serves there are Brays on the war memorial in Broughton and I have always wondered if they are relatives.

According to family stories, Albert volunteered too young and was brought home by his father who was a village bobby in Barentby and then Hull. He then joined up when he was of age and served in France during the Great War.

Serving in the Green Howards, Yorkshire Regiment, I did go to the National Archives in Kew a decade or so ago to get his war record but it was ironically lost in a bombing raid in the Second World War. I did find his regimental war diary though and they had a pretty tough war like so many.

He was also apparently a big Socialist and used to get into a lot of political fights with people during his life. My Grandma used to say I reminded her of him a lot! I like to think if he was alive today we would agree on politics! But the important thing about today is that none of that matters. They all went and served our country and the cause of democracy.

He will be in my thoughts today, as will my Auntie Joan who served in the ATC in World War 2.

We Will Remember Them



* Please note that Andrew Percy is not currently an MP, as Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election.

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