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Snaith Further Housing Proposals

Snaith Further Housing Proposals

If you live in Snaith you will have, or will shortly be receiving a letter from Andrew with details of a further planning application for 500+ homes in the town.

Andrew explains, "This is in addition to the recent application for 300. The details of the application are below and it is vital that people make their views known."

This is the letter text winging it's way to local residents -

Further Proposal for 500 Homes on Land South of Punton Walk East of Pontefract Road, Snaith

I recently wrote to you regarding a planning application for 300 new homes in Snaith and I thank residents who made their views known on this. However, a further application from a different developer, Bellway Homes, has now been submitted and I wanted to make you aware of this and encourage you to comment on that proposal too.

This new application, received recently by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, is seeking outline permission for up to 535 homes on land south of Punton Walk and east of Pontefract Road, Snaith. Even if you commented on the other application for 300 homes off Butt Lane, you will need to comment again on this application as they will be treated separately by the planning system.

As I mentioned in previous correspondence on this issue, as your MP I play no formal role in planning applications, but I very much share the concerns of many residents regarding the scale of current development. We have welcomed a number of new homes to Snaith in recent years, but if these two new applications were approved, we would see over 800 new homes given permission.

The overwhelming majority of the site proposed for these homes is outside of the East Riding’s Local Plan and is therefore not on land allocated for housing. This should mean that the applicants will find it much harder to gain permission. My own objection is based on this fact and also on the impact the development would have on local roads, drainage and infrastructure.

It is vital that as many residents as possible make their views known on this matter. Individual submissions carry much more weight than do names on a petition. To make your views known please quote application number 19/03512/STOUT in your correspondence and send them by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in writing to East Riding Council, Planning and Development Management, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA. Please feel free to copy me in on any submissions via either email or post.

You can also search directly via the East Riding Council website at This is an outline application which if approved would be followed by a more detailed application. It is important though we make our views known on this now.

As your MP, my job is to make sure you are informed and represented on issues such as this. Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you want to discuss this or any other matter.

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