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Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Possible Snap Election

Possible Snap Election

Rather embarrassingly, quite a few people have sent me personal messages, letters or messages via friends, family and my local team urging me to stand again in this constituency at the next election.

I've always said this is not a job I want to do forever as I do think politicians should know when it is time to leave politics and hand over to someone else. I've always been sympathetic to the idea of term limits for MPs but its hard to see how they would work in our system.

Anyways, I digress. There is a lot of talk of a snap election which could come within weeks. So, I want to make it absolutely clear that if we do have an election in the coming weeks and months, I will absolutely be asking my local party to make me the candidate again and asking local residents for their support.

As we are seeing at the moment, there is a full on assault against Brexit going on in Parliament. I am going nowhere until the votes of local residents have been respected and delivered. Unlike many MPs, I meant it when I said I would deliver the vote of nearly 70 percent of local people to leave the EU.

There is a lot more to do besides Brexit which is why, having helped create the circumstances for Siemens to come to Goole, I fully intend to continue working to deliver that. The same goes for many other projects such as our proposals to improve the local environment, open up our countryside via things like the Ancholme Trail and Axholme Greenway, continue to invest in leisure service improvements, increasing funding for schools, get this extra £20 billion for the NHS delivered and more besides.

If we have a snap election, people will have plenty of people to choose from I am sure. For now, we know only that Labour have picked a non-local South Yorkshire Councillor to stand here who has no history of any interest in this constituency. I presume the Lib Dems, Greens, Brexit Party and others will stand too.

Bring it on I say. This Parliament is a dead Parliament. We have a government with no majority that is being prevented from delivering on Brexit by a Remainer filled opposition, who also refuse to allow us to have an election. Three times local people have elected me to serve, and each time you have done me the honour of electing me with increased votes, majorities and share of the vote.

Let's get to an election and get this done!


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