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Keadby 2 Project – Visit and Update

Keadby 2 Project – Visit and Update

Andrew recently visited Siemens' new Keadby 2 site for an update on how construction is progressing, and to discuss the recruitment of local workers and businesses for the project.

Following the visit, Andrew said, "With all our focus on the big Siemens investment coming to Goole, we sometimes forget about another huge Siemens investment in our constituency. 

"That's why it was such a pleasure to visit the new power station project in Keadby recently.  The construction is well under way. When completed this new power station will produce enough energy to power 840,000 homes. 

"I have been in close contact with Siemens and SSE during the start of this project to ensure as many local workers as possible can be utilised during the construction phase. Both companies have committed to do all they can to achieve this but it of course relies in part on which sub-contractors bid for the work, what specialised skills are available and various other national agreements etc etc. 

"There presently about 200 workers on site but by the middle of next year this will peak at about 800. Ahead of that ramping up of jobs on site, there will be a number of local recruitment events to try to make sure as many of these jobs as possible go to local people. I've promised to do all I can to promote these events. 

"This is a huge investment in the area and a number of local workers, contractors and businesses are already benefiting."

Siemens have also provided an update this week regarding NRL providing technical recruitment expertise for Keadby 2, which you can find online here:

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