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New Online Apps for Advice on Careers and Further Education

New Online Apps for Advice on Careers and Further Education

Earlier this month, the Government launched two new apps to help students make more informed choices on what and where to study at university. The new online apps were created by the winners of the Open Data Competition, receiving £150,000 of funding each to produce their app.

Andrew says, "The apps will help students overcome the daunting prospect of having to shift thought all the available data that comes with searching for the right course or institution. They will also be particularly helpful for students from disadvantaged backgrounds, as they may not have as much information available to them on how to navigate university choices."

One of the two apps is: ThinkUni, which offers students a ‘personalised digital assistant’, bringing together data on universities, courses and financial outcomes that are easy to explore and compare. You can find the app online here:

The other app, TheWayUp!, is a game which simulates different graduate career paths to help students make better choices about their future. The aim of this app is also to help students from disadvantaged backgrounds set aspirational educational and career goals to increase their chances of achieving them. You can find this app online here:

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