Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Meeting with North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust

Meeting with North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust

Andrew was at Goole Hospital last Friday for a meeting with senior health bosses from the North Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Trust. Andrew met with managers and senior doctors and nurses to discuss the Trust's recovery from special measures and plans for the future of Goole Hospital. The meeting was led by Trust Chief Executive, Dr Peter Dearing. 

In particular, the Trust briefed Andrew on plans to increase the number of patients being treated at Goole Hospital by 120 per month, starting at the end of November. These will be treated by way of the new temporary Vanguard mobile theatre which will eventually be replaced by a new permanent theatre. 

The Trust will also be employing a new Matron for Goole Hospital and is actively working on proposals to expand the Neuro Rehabilitation Unit by doubling the number of beds. This is dependent on funding proposals which are presently being assessed by the Department of Health.  

A further investment of £5 million in Goole Hospital is also at design stage, which would see the outdated coal fired boilers replaced with a modern heating system. 

Andrew says, "Goole Hospital is a much loved facility and I am delighted to see that the Trust is increasing its usage by undertaking more operations and procedures at the site, primarily in the orthopaedics and ophthalmology departments. This work will be transferred from Scunthorpe Hospital to reduce pressure there and comes on top of the extra 200 more procedures and appointments that are being completed monthly at the hospital compared to a year ago. 

“I am also very keen to see the Neuro Rehabilitation Unit increase in size. This is a very specialist unit which residents may not appreciate is of regional, if not national, importance. I have offered to support the Trust in any way I can to help them secure the funding to enable this unit to happen. Proposals would see the unit expand into Ward 3, with Ward 3 moving into Ward 2. 

“These changes are an important reminder that we have seen more services and procedures added to Goole Hospital in recent years. That said, other services, such as direct admissions have been removed. 

“The way in which safety is assessed in the NHS has changed in recent years, following the scandal of Mid Staffordshire and others. I have made clear to the Trust that local people expect services to be provided as close to home as possible. That said, I understand that hospitals are under great pressure from national guidelines to provide services in a consistent way that meets the most up to date and stringent safety standards for patients. 

“For years there have been persistent rumours about the Trust's commitment to the Goole site. Whilst most of these have been without any foundation, I am delighted that the Trust has once again committed to the Goole Hospital site and is backing that up with not only more patient activity, but also with the investment of millions of pounds in a new theatre and modern heating system. 

“I will continue to monitor the situation closely and ensure that the Trust continues to be aware of just how strongly we feel about our local hospital."  

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