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Siemens' Rail Factory Update

Siemens' Rail Factory Update

Andrew met with representatives of Siemens yesterday to discuss progress on the Goole rail factory.

Andrew reports, "I was saddened to see uninformed comments by the Chief Exec of the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce on the front page of the Goole Times today in which he speculated about the possible time delays on the new Siemens Rail Factory. Sadly, this individual was not speaking from any position of authority so they should not carry any weight.

"As it happens, I met Siemens yesterday for an update on the factory plans. Siemens have now appointed a project lead for Goole factory, Finbarr Dowling, who led the development of the Siemens blade turbine factory in Hull. This is a positive development and we talked over the plans for the factory and specifically what work would be undertaken with local schools and colleges to ensure we have the skills available locally to fill the roles that will become available.

"Siemens won the contract from London Underground to provide new rolling stock for the network, but this procurement process is currently being challenged in the courts by the companies that lost. Hearings are taking place next week which could see the Siemens contract confirmed as soon as the end of next week.

"If the decision goes the other way, and a full review is undertaken, Siemens assure me that they plan to progress with their planning for the new facility in Goole as this contract was only one element of their plans for the factory; though clearly a very important one.

"I wanted to provide an update despite the fact that we can't go into too much detail because of the legal challenge before the courts. What is not helpful is having people who have no role in the project making authoritative comments as we have seen on the front page of the Goole Times this morning.

"I will continue to provide updates as and when there is anything to report but residents can rest assured that Siemens continue to be committed to this project and they are continuing to plan ahead."

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