Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Meeting with Chief Constable, Lee Freeman, to Discuss Local Policing

Meeting with Chief Constable, Lee Freeman, to Discuss Local Policing

Andrew met with Chief Constable, Lee Freeman, last week to discuss policing issues across the local area. Andrew used the meeting to raise resident concerns and also to provide feedback following the night shift he took part in with officers a few weeks back in Scunthorpe and Brigg.

The Chief Constable explained to Andrew that Humberside Police would shortly reach its target figure of 1900 police officers, up from 1550 officers. As a result of these increases, Goole Police station has seen a return of CID and Intelligence officers in recent months and an increase of about 20 officers overall operating from the Goole Police Station. This should equate to about 5 officers extra per shift once the new shift patterns come into being.  

Moreover, the Chief Constable informed him that the south bank will be receiving an additional 100 patrol (incident response) officers. Recent changes have also seen patrol officers return to the Isle of Axholme, with response officers once again based out of Epworth Police Station.

Following the meeting, Andrew said, "I have very high regard for Lee and the much needed change he has brought to Humberside Police since his appointment. Having completed dozens of shifts with the police during my time as our MP, I noticed on my last shift how much better morale was; it could hardly have been worse! 

"It is obviously good news that the CID and Intelligence officers who had been taken away from Goole are now back in the town and I also welcome the promises the Chief Constable made about increased officer numbers operating out of Goole. 

"It was also good to hear from Lee that the decision to return response officers to the Isle of Axholme was having an impact and to learn that response officers will also shortly be based out of Barton again. I was deeply opposed to the previous Chief's decision to remove officers from those stations and instead have all 999 calls responded to from Scunthorpe. Local responders get better results as recent arrests in relation to burglaries on the Isle clearly prove.  

"That said, I continue to receive concerns from residents about local police visibility and shared these. Similarly, when I joined front line officers recently I heard from them concerns about some of the new technology they have been issued which, instead of making their jobs easier, was actually adding to their work load. I promised officers I would feed this back and I was pleased that Lee knew exactly what I was referring to and he assured me that they were working to resolve these issues. 

"I will be continuing to monitor local policing arrangements closely to ensure that residents are receiving the level of service they expect. Our police officers work very hard locally and they have done so with very tight resources over many years. I hope that these new officers will help to ease that burden."

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