Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Meeting with Lloyds Bank to Discuss Brigg Branch Restructuring

Meeting with Lloyds Bank to Discuss Brigg Branch Restructuring

Following Lloyds Bank’s decision to upgrade and restructure their branch in Brigg, Andrew met in Parliament with the bank’s representative to express the concerns of local residents who rely on this branch.

Andrew said, "Lloyds explained that they are responding to changes in technology and the changing banking needs and habits of customers. They were happy that they are investing in the branch and that there are therefore no current plans for the branch to close.

"I expressed the concerns of local residents who are unhappy with the branch going "counter-free" and, as a consequence, a number of services no longer being available. I asked for an outline of what services will be available after the restructuring compared to what is currently available.

"I also asked why a counter can’t remain open for certain customers, such as small businesses, who rely on particular services from the counter. They said they will look into this and get back to me shortly.

"I am reassured that these changes represent an investment in this branch, at a time when many other bank branches are closing across the country. However, I look forward to receiving a response to the concerns I raised regarding the availability of certain services due to the removal of the counter. I will provide a further update as soon as Lloyds get back to me with this additional information."

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