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Burglaries on the Isle of Axholme

Burglaries on the Isle of Axholme

Andrew recently received the following update from Humberside Police regarding the recent spate of burglaries on the Isle of Axholme.

Commenting, Andrew said, “As residents may remember, I have raised this numerous times with the local police and in face to face meetings with police chiefs.

“In addition to the below, as I made clear a few weeks ago, Humberside Police have informed me that they are looking at increasing police numbers on the Isle as recruitment of new officers increases.

"We should also remember that the Isle is generally a very low crime area and will remain so.


Update from Tim Harvey, Community Policing Inspector for North Lincolnshire:

As you will be aware there has been a series of burglaries across the Isle of Axholme in recent weeks and I would share the following with you to keep you informed of the situation and allow you to better inform local residents in your conversations with them.

Over the weekend significant arrests were made (including several persons arrested whilst making their getaway after burgling a shop in Epworth) and additional overnight patrols are being conducted across the Isle, although you will all appreciate the vast area that represents, as we seek to show a greater preventative presence in the area and be in a better position to respond to reports of burglaries in progress. As well as Patrol officers and Special Constables, officers from the Specialist Operations Unit are patrolling the area.

All Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators on the Isle have been contacted to circulate the following message to their members:

There have been several recent burglaries on the Isle of Axholme. Humberside Police made several significant arrests over the weekend and additional overnight patrols continue to be conducted in the area. Local residents are asked to remain vigilant and to consider the level of security at their homes including any outbuildings. Residents are urged to ensure their doors and windows are locked, that house and vehicle keys are secured as preventative measures and that their cars are locked and any valuables are removed, particularly overnight. 

This message is not intended to alarm residents, on the contrary, it is intended as a timely reminder that some basic security measures significantly reduce the likelihood of them becoming a victim of burglary. Should residents see anything suspicious in the area please contact police on 101, contact your local policing team, or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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