Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Andrew Meets with Northern Rail

Andrew Meets with Northern Rail

Andrew recently met with Paul Barnfield and Pete Myers of Northern Rail to discuss timetables in the constituency along with other issues.

Andrew reports: “It was great to meet with Northern Rail recently to find out what they have planned for the area.

They explained how they are working with local schools and The Friends of Goole Station to lift the station and its environs. The new station assets for Goole will be coming this year.

They also informed me of the service changes starting next May, and the new vehicles which will begin arriving towards the end of 2018. From May 18, Goole will have two direct services to Sheffield per hour as the stopper is linked across Doncaster. Sunday service provision is improved by making the stopping service hourly, as well as earlier and later services, so Goole is served by 58 trains on a Sunday, up from 39 currently.

Northern Rail’s refurbishment plans carry on, with over 30 vehicles operating on the Northern network (many through Goole) having received their first stage of refurbishment.

Over the winter and throughout 2018 the final stage starts, with new seating, free Wi-Fi and charging points all being fitted. Moreover, there will be GPS driven customer information screens and systems.

Finally, the unpopular Pacer vehicles start to go next year and will all be gone by 2020.

I was also informed that one of their Stakeholder team members will be at the forthcoming Jobs Fair at Goole College.”

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