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Meeting with Network Rail to Discuss Goole Subway Failure

Meeting with Network Rail to Discuss Goole Subway Failure

Goole MP, Andrew Percy, met with Network Rail this week to again express the frustration of local residents at the continued failure of the drainage system in the subways in Goole. Network Rail passed on their apologies to Andrew and local residents for the repeated failure of the system, despite the recent replacement of the pumps. Network Rail have now promised to bring forward some of their more substantial works planned for 2019 onward in a bid to try to resolve these issues on a more permanent basis. 

The company explained to Andrew that the recent failure of the new pumps was caused by a build up of detritus in the system and metal fragments in the main pump chambers. Network Rail also informed the MP that the new pumps they installed recently are simply ineffective for this system and will be replaced as a matter of urgency. 

Andrew explains, “I took on this issue of the subways a number of years ago when other bodies in the town simply washed their hands of the issue and I can assure residents that I am not going to give up until this issue is sorted once and for all. We had hoped that the temporary improvements Network Rail undertook which included new pumps, would tide us over until a new drainage system could be installed from 2019/20 onwards. That clearly is not going to work and, like most residents, I have run out of patience with these sort of partial fixes. What we now need is more substantial works. 

"I welcome the apology by Network Rail, who in fairness didn’t create this old drainage system, and I am also taking them at their word that they are committed to fixing the issues. They now inform me that they are going to bring forward some of the improvements that were planned for the longer term and that this should have a substantial impact. These works include; removing the current pumps and cleaning the entire system before installing new heavy duty pumps that can cope better with debris, the downfall drainage pipes in the subways will be directly plugged into the drains, a new inspection chamber and sump will be installed allowing easier access, rather than at present were a road closure is needed to get to the system.  They are also looking at replacing the drainage grates which will allow easier access for cleaning and rubbish removal. 

"There is no doubt that some of the issues with the system is being caused by the minority of thoughtless people who drop their litter in the streets and in the subways. This is getting into the system causing blockages and contributing to the flooding. Network Rail plan to install new bins in the subways to discourage this behaviour which is something I welcome. They showed me photos of some of the sludge and rubbish that was removed from the system recently and it really was quite shocking just how much is getting into the system. 

"Network Rail inform me that these works should be completed in fall short order and I will be pushing them to keep to time. Ultimately, these subways are below sea level which makes draining them problematic, but that doesn’t mean we should have to put up with what we have been forced to put up with. This issue needs sorting and sorting quickly and I am going to do everything I can to make sure that the agencies responsible all play their part in getting these drains fixed!”  

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