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South Ferriby Flood Defence Improvements Drop-in

South Ferriby Flood Defence Improvements Drop-in

Andrew recently joined Councillors Carl Sherwood, Nigel Sherwood and Rob Waltham for the South Ferriby Flood defence drop-in, which was organised by the Environment Agency and the Council. Andrew and the Conservative councillors have been working to secure improvements to the defence bank ever since the tidal surge of 2013. 

Andrew provides an update, "The delay has in part been because the whole scheme was being looked at in line with the broader Humber Flood Strategy and involved an expensive realignment of the A1077. This left a significant funding gap, despite the funding from the Conservative Government I helped secure. Sense has prevailed and the EA has now agreed to look at the village in isolation. 

"With the funding from the Government, along with a contribution from North Lincs Council which we secured, a fully funded scheme is now possible for the village which will reset the bank in places and raise it by 18 inches to provide an improved level of protection. This is great news but it won't be until later this year that we get the final sign off. The EA is still working with Cemex on other options that would see defence bank improvements on that side of the Ancholme but which will be more expensive and require a contribution from Cemex. 

"Either way, we should see final approval later this year with the detailed work and design starting next year with actual construction commencing at the end of 2018. I know it has taken some time to get this progressed and some residents have been unhappy about that. I've done the best I can to secure the funding and push the scheme forward and by working together we now have progress. 

"We are tantalisingly close to having this all agreed and ready to go. Residents can be assured that I will be working closely with the Council and EA to make sure this happens! The EA just need to complete their final testing of the proposals and secure all the internal sign offs and we should be ok."  


Photo - Andrew with Cllr Sherwood and Cllr Waltham at the South Ferriby Flood defence drop-in

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