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South Ferriby Lock - Update

South Ferriby Lock - Update

Following an update from the Environment Agency (EA), Andrew has received the following information regarding the ongoing repairs to South Ferriby Lock.

Since the end of March, three essential components have broken down. The first breakdown was to one of the cloughs, which was repaired last week when the tides were suitably low to carry out this work. However, earlier this week, when the lock keepers were operating the lock to clear away the silt that has been deposited inside and either side of the lock, two further problems arose: (a) one of the Rotork motors failed but was quickly fixed by an electrician, and (b) a failure of the hydraulic operating system, which rendered the lock once again unusable.

The Environment Agency is working to repair the hydraulics as quickly as possible and have arranged for contractors to carry out the necessary repairs, starting 8 May 2017 when there are again suitably low tides that will allow them to work on the low level hydraulic pipes. The EA are very conscious that these breakdowns have already impacted on two public holiday periods and are doing everything they can to get the repairs carried out as quickly as possible. 

With that in mind, they have decided to replace all the hydraulic pipes now, rather than just replace that which has failed, which carries the risk that they may have to re-close the lock again should others fail, causing further inconvenience to boaters on the Ancholme. These works will take an estimated five days, as working on the low level pipes is tide dependant, after which the lock keepers will need time to flush away the silt that has been deposited in and around the lock. The EA are aiming to reopen the lock on Friday 20 May, but will open it sooner if possible.

For more information, please contact the South Ferriby Lock Keepers on 01652 635219.

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