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Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Further Broadband Roll-Out

Further Broadband Roll-Out

The Conservative Government funded roll-out of superfast broadband means that the overwhelming majority of homes in our area can now get access to superfast broadband. 

Andrew has been working with the East Riding Broadband team to secure the roll-out for the remaining communities, such as Adlingfleet and Gowdall.  

Andrew is also working closely with the North Lincs Broadband team on their roll-out and has secured agreement for an underspend in that program to be used to plug lots of the gaps, including Amcotts, Sandtoft and many of the harder to reach properties in areas already upgraded but who did not benefit. For example, this includes 48 premises in Bonby, 13 in Garthorpe, 23 in Saxby and a number in many other villages. 

Andrew explains, “The issue Adlingfleet and Gowdall have had is that, although the exchanges they are connected to in Eastoft and Snaith, have been upgraded, most homes are too far away to benefit. 

This means that new green street cabinets need to be installed in the villages to bring the superfast connection closer to homes. There is good news on this —

· Adlingfleet should see the new cabinet which will serve the village installed by the end of June. 

· A cabinet is also proposed by this June for Gowdall which will serve many homes there.

Once these cabinets are in place and live, residents will be able to contact their broadband provider to upgrade to superfast broadband. Not all of Gowdall will be covered by the new cabinet and work is underway to look at how we can address the remaining properties.” 


Photo - Andrew and Cllr Julie Reed pose in front of a green cabinet

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