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New Safety Measures at Gyme Corner

New Safety Measures at Gyme Corner

Andrew and Cllr John Barrett have welcomed East Riding of Yorkshire Council commencing work on important new safety measures at the mini-roundabout known as Gyme Corner at East Cowick, Snaith, following a large number of vehicle collisions there.

Councillor Barrett was supplied with information from the Goole Times, back in August 2015, which led him to investigate what turned out to be six vehicle collisions within a two week period in 2015. Andrew and Cllr Barrett then led a campaign for improved safety measures for the roundabout on the A614 junction with the A1041, East Cowick.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council initially changed the traffic regulations to 50mph but, after further collisions and continued representations from both Andrew and John, it has been agreed that this will be reduced further to 40mph; with signage erected on all three legs of the mini-roundabout.

This change is in addition to the installation of large roundabout signs, warning motorists on approach of the roundabout, at all three legs of the roundabout and further small mini-roundabout signs as vehicles near the roundabout. It is hoped that these measures will assist motorists to slow and take extra care, which will hopefully prevent collisions.

Work was originally due to start in January 2017 but was delayed to allow additional equipment to be ordered. Work has now started and is expected to take around a week to complete. 

Andrew Percy MP says, “I’m really pleased that we have been able to secure these additional safety measures for this junction, which will hopefully reduce and prevent collisions. I was very pleased to work with John on this campaign and we’ll continue to monitor progress here.”

Cllr John Barrett added, “These are much needed improvements here as there simply wasn’t the required signage to warn of this roundabout previously. I hope that motorists will now be encouraged to slow on the approach and allow themselves more time to negotiate this mini-roundabout; preventing some of the collisions and injuries that have occurred. A double benefit to these changes is that it should also slow large Lorries, which may make better use of the Motorway system.

“A change of traffic regulation means a change in law and unfortunately does take time. I am very pleased though that East Riding Council have decided to bring the speed down to 40mph on the approaches to the Gyme Corner roundabout, along with the other safety measures they have agreed for here. I am grateful for the assistance Andrew Percy MP has given me and to the Goole Times for bringing this to my attention in the first place.”



Photo – Andrew and Cllr Barrett at Gyme Corner 

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