Member of Parliament for
Brigg & Goole and the
Isle of Axholme

Andrew Percy MP

Labour Seek to Double Council Tax Rise

ERYC2aAndrew Percy has reacted with anger at an attempt by Labour Councillors to double the Council tax rise for residents in the Goole and Snaith area. The East Riding Council met today to set the Council Tax for the next year with Labour Councillors trying to force a higher than inflation rise of 3% on hard pressed taxpayers.


Andrew Percy says, "With unemployment in our area still rising, and with the Humber area suffering the hardest from Gordon Brown's recession, you would have thought that Labour Councillors would have wanted to give hard pressed taxpayers a break. Pensioners in particular feel Council Tax rises especially hard, and after 13 years of putting up the bills of pensioners, Labour have clearly learned nothing!


It is only thanks to the vigilance of Conservative Councillors that this year's rise will be kept to 1.5%, well below the current rate of inflation. I don't always agree with everything the East Riding Council does but they have certainly made the right decision on this year's Council Tax.


The East Riding receives some of the worst funding in England from the Labour Government, meaning that keeping Council Tax rises down is no mean feat."

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